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AT&T Internet (U-Verse)

AT&T Internet (U-Verse)

Reliable. Safe. Fast. High-speed Internet from AT&T

U-verse® Internet is now AT&T Internet. Streaming movies, downloading music—no matter how you use the Internet, we have the perfect high-speed Internet package for you. Each one is ultra reliable and includes a full suite of anti-virus software.

AT&T Corporate

Leadership: Randall L. Stephenson, Chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc.

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is a world leader in communications, media and entertainment, and technology. In 2017, our consolidated revenues were more than $160.5 billion. We’ve recorded 34 consecutive years of quarterly dividend growth. And we’re a Fortune 10 company.

We operate as distinct companies and well-known brands:

  • AT&T Communications serves millions of U.S. consumers with video, broadband and voice services. And it serves millions of businesses globally with highly secure, smart solutions. Our technology organization is an industry leader in working with developers and startups to open our network to innovation.
  • AT&T International includes AT&T Mexico, the country’s fastest-growing wireless business, serving both consumers and businesses. And DIRECTV Latin America, a pay-TV leader in 11 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • AT&T’s new advertising and analytics startup is leading the way to the future of premium video advertising. Using innovation and data-driven insights will give brands better ways to interact with their target audiences.

We are also working to close our acquisition of Time Warner.  By combining AT&T’s distribution with Time Warner’s content, we’ll be able to create value for consumers, advertisers and shareholders. Consumers will see a new level of choice, innovation and value as we deliver a more personalized and immersive entertainment experience – from new forms of content to offering new ways to access and view premium content.


In 1984, the former AT&T divested its local telephone operations but retain its long distance, R&D and manufacturing arms. From this, Southwestern Bell, a regional telephone company, was born.

Twelve years later, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 drove major changes in the competitive landscape. Southwestern Bell became SBC Communications to reflect its expanded U.S. presence through a series of acquisitions, including Pacific Telesis Group (1997) and Ameritech Corp. (1999). In 2005, SBC acquired AT&T Corp., creating the new AT&T, a leader in global communications.

The acquisition of BellSouth in 2006 further expanded our regional footprint and gave AT&T full ownership of a national wireless company, Cingular Wireless, which was rebranded to AT&T.

In 2007, we led one of the most significant transformations in communications since the invention of the telephone: the birth of the mobile internet.

In 2015, we acquired DIRECTV. And today we offer millions of people more choices for video entertainment on any screen virtually anywhere, any time. With the launch of DIRECTV NOW in 2016, customers nationwide and in Mexico can stream their favorite entertainment on any compatible device connected to the internet. DIRECTV NOW is available in more than 85 markets to more than 75% of U.S. TV households, letting viewers stream live local news and programming from nearly 200 channels.

The acquisition of DIRECTV helped us meet people’s entertainment preferences – whether they want traditional TV service for their favorite shows and movies, their favorite content on a mobile device, or on-demand video streamed over the internet to any screen.

In late 2016, we announced our intent to acquire Time Warner Inc., including HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. This move will let us innovate in ways not possible before. Our goal is to pair our network with premium content to innovate the consumer entertainment experience.

Social Responsibility

We’re working to improve lives every day through support for our local communities. With our signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire, we committed $400 million to help provide access to the education and training people need to get and keep good jobs. And our IT CAN WAIT campaign has inspired 20 million pledges to never text and drive.

Our history of innovation is a story about people from all walks of life coming together to improve how we interact with the world around us. Today, we’re a leader in diversity with a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture. We strive to be a great place to work and a desired business partner. We embrace our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact on the planet and are committed to helping our customers use our technology for social good.

In Mexico, we’re recognized as a Socially Responsible Company by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE).

In Latin America and the Caribbean, through Generación DIRECTV, we’re a leading force in the transformation of communities. We focus on education, volunteerism, philanthropy and sustainability. Programs like Escuela+, Piedra, Papel and Tijera span a decade of work for improving local communities.

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