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  • An ideal day should begin

    An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on your face, a cup of coffee in your hand and a Sms from me on your mobile! Good morning Have a great day


    ALLAMA IQBAL SAID: Kh0l aank zamin dekh,falak dekh,fiza dekh.. Mashrik se 0bharte hue s0raj k0 zara dekh… . . . . . In sh0rt he want to say: G?d M?r?i?g..


    GOOD MORNINGGGGGG pakiStaN, Behan log ko SALAAM, Dosto ko HYE, Buzurgo ko ADAAB Girls ko PYAR, Aur khas ko jaise k aap, Jadoo ki jhappi with P?PPI,:-):-)

  • Jo Sota hy

    G??D M?r???G. Uth gaye kya? Nahi? To uth jayo na Bcoz Jo Sota hy ,().(), / , / “^ —-;”; ,,/”/ , , /,,/, /,,/, Wo Khota hy;->

  • Stealing the Blue from

    Stealing the Blue from the Splashing Seas… A Tinge of Green from the Youthful Trees… A Hint of Red from StrawBerry… A Bit of Orange from the SunSet Hues… With Crystal White from the Morning Dews… I have Framed a Bright and ColourFul Wish 4 You… ~Good Morning~ Have A Fabulous Day!!:-)

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