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Shelter Insurance Boat Insurance

Shelter Insurance Boat Insurance

Shelter Insurance opened their doors in 1964 and has since become a leader in the regional insurance industry. Though Shelter started by only serving areas in Missouri, they now sell insurance in 14 states.

  • Instant quotes: Shelter provides instant quotes to consumers who fill out a short information form about their boat.
  • Custom policies: Shelter’s boat insurance policies begin with basic liability and medical coverage. Consumers can add equipment and uninsured emergency coverage to customize their policies as they see fit.
  • Safe boaters discounts: Consumers who make safety a priority may be eligible for multiple discounts from Shelter Insurance. Passing a boater’s safety course, keeping safety equipment on board and staying claim free can net consumers discounts on their policies.
  • Companion policy discount: Boaters who have other policies like home or auto insurance with Shelter may be eligible for a companion policy discount.
  • Shelter mobile app: Shelter’s mobile app allows consumers to stay up to date with their policy information or file claims on the go.
  • Best for: Shelter Insurance is best for consumers who want to customize their insurance policies and who live in one of the states where Shelter has its offices.

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